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Energy storage means of pressure, exhibit resistance to the forces related to the pressure and power supply called springs compression springs are used for like features. Many of compression springs made of round wire ends that we’ve closed the wound springs are. Some print bow to their pressure surfaces are ground in order to sit upright. Our product range safety valve springs, filters, springs, pressure from the so-called pressure spring elements with names such as springs, as well as various forms are available.

The pressure springs store energy by compression load (force) is used for the purpose of withstanding the rigors of supply or pressure. The most widely used type in Sanyei round wire ends are wound off is that the two edges parallel to each other. Height loss to solve the problem, block size, and excessive vibration to reduce or non-linear load (force) TELSANATYAY to obtain the properties, compression springs of high quality with constantly renewed art spring winding machines cone, barrel or compression spring in reverse barrel type is producing. Printing in the publication, the ratio of the average diameter of the spring wire diameter is preferred to be between 5 and 11 spring index. TELSANATYAY customers special designs with self-developed design programs in the spring varieties baskıyay yapar.telsanat 0.20 mm SPRING başlarak also has the capacity to spring up 45.00 mm.

Compression Springs Aerial equipment industry agricultural machinery industry, mining machinery industry, heavy machinery industry, iron and steel and industrial machinery until Hadd, heavy machinery industry, automotive industry & Spare Parts,

Agricultural machinery industry, defense industry, ship industry, Railways wagon industry,

The cement industry, construction machinery and equipment industry, white goods industry, hardware industry, sporting goods and equipment industry, playgroups and toy industry

Industrial automation machinery, food and packaging machinery industry, electrical and electronics industry, Heating & Cooling industry, bicycles and industrial replacement parts motrsiklet .Trakt is & Equipment and spare parts industry,

Medical devices are involved in the production of springs used in industry and many other areas.

Despite being a medium-sized enterprises established, thanks to the perseverance and hard to achieve it pays to the importance of quality in a short time from the first moment of the ARC sector has recognized this principle and never give up.

Unchanging principles of our company are always quality, service, timely delivery and reasonable prices.

The guarantee of success and continuity in production and quality of service are the principles of honesty SPRINGS TELSANAT you will continue to serve today and in the future.


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