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PULLING SPRINGS showing resistance to tensile force and winding of the adjacent springs are produced. Must be kept at the optimum level of tensile stress on the hook part of the hook is exposed to both torsion and bending at the end of spring.
Use extreme resistance area and to see the appropriate hook on the mounting location requirements and despite the deformation TELSANAT PULL SPRINGS SPRING CONE is offering special solutions with you for a longer lifetime of maximum performance.
  Heat treatment is of great importance to achieve the maximum degree of strength in tension springs and ensures consistent quality and customer satisfaction by controlling the time. Operation resistance to pull these springs are produced in windings generally closed. Standard types of hooks, as well as make new designs according to the demands of you. Heat treatment to achieve maximum durability for the tension spring, the reliability of the material, we taşımaktadır.firma great importance in terms of life and performance has a production capacity of up to 45.00 mm, starting from spring 0,20mm. Spring prformans features in terms of the degree of heat treatment and prediction of the time and must be kept under control during application. Therefore, it is calibrated periodically by TSA furnace. TELSANATYAY ‘in thermal processing, automatic air circulation in the oven, and meticulously carried out in international standards.

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