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Disc springs are designed to provide resistance to high force in a very short course of study. Very short arc length less movement are producing very high power they have pressed the advantage of this spring. TELSANAT spring plate springs makes shot-peening application and size and thus eliminates the precipitation implements the springs fatigue and blockage problems. Disc springs are sometimes single, sometimes used in clusters arranged in a row. Disc springs with a special material 50CrV4 chrome-vanadium steel (DIN 2093) are also produced. Also stainless steel x9crni18-8 (AISI 301), x4crnimo17-12-2 (AISI 316) is made from production. TELSANAT spring in standard sizes and non-standard sizes and also from special materials for its production needs.
Disc Springs

In small volumes, large load carrying ability
Long service life
Linear load / compression due to the nature, variety of application possibilities
Desired arc length can also be achieved by removing or adding a few springs are characteristic bow
A measure publication provides the ability to use it in various applications with different sequences
Minimum inventory costs
SPRING TELSANAT produce standard sizes and in special sizes disc springs.

Disc Springs


Vehicle equipment industry. Mining machinery industry, agricultural machinery industry, heavy machinery industry, iron and steel and industrial machinery until Hadd, heavy machinery industry, automotive industry & Spare Parts,

Agricultural machinery industry, defense industry, ship industry, Railways wagon industry,

The cement industry, construction machinery and equipment industry, white goods industry, hardware industry, sporting goods and equipment industry, playgroups and toy industry

Industrial automation machinery, food and packaging machinery industry, electrical and electronics industry, Heating & Cooling industry, bicycles and industrial replacement parts motrsiklet .Trakt is & Equipment and spare parts industry,

Medical devices are involved in the production of springs used in industry and many other areas.


Despite being a medium-sized enterprises established, thanks to the perseverance and hard to achieve it pays to the importance of quality in a short time from the first moment of the ARC sector has recognized this principle and never give up.


Unchanging principles of our company are always quality, service, timely delivery and reasonable prices.


The guarantee of success and continuity in production and quality of service are the principles of honesty SPRINGS TELSANAT you will continue to serve today and in the future.

Disc Springs


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