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Mold Springs
TELSANAT ‘standard die springs produced are listed in the following table, also designs and manufactures custom mold springs and square shaped springs spring TELSANAT the demands of customers.

Free length tolerances: ± 1%
Springback Ratio: ± 10%
External diameter: Publication outer diameter, pedestrians will be smaller than the barrel diameter abetting. Max 2-3 mm.
Inner diameter: Spring inner diameter of 2-3 mm from the standard should be greater than the maximum diameter of the spring adjustment bolt.
General recommendations in the spring selection and use;

The lightest and longbow required by the working conditions must be selected.
Operating distance must never exceed the maximum closure rate shown above.
When the mold is opened it should be noted that two issues.
The springs are placed in the mold should be applied at least 5% print.
Table should be provided at the same level for each spring.
Degradation and spring adjustment screw should be used to prevent breakage.
Slot to broadcast works should be large diameter outer diameter of the spring, spring adjustment bolt hole diameter should be smaller than the diameter of the spring.

Mold Springs
DH: housing diameter

MM: pin diameter

: BXH, d: wire section

Lou: spring free length

R: spring coefficient (charge required for 1 mm stretch)

A: The recommended stretch for a long spring life

XXX: The minimum life expectancy

B: The recommended stretch for the average lifetime

YYY minimum life expectancy

D: Full extension (approximate)
A: The maximum stretch

Mold Springs

The tables in the catalog, the average work – yawn

values ​​below the minimum lifetime of the springs

It is possible to see.

The proper use and showing a minimum lifetime

The following descriptions carefully to capture value

please refer to:

– Kalıpyay Choose carefully at the design stage;

– Free tribes diameter ratio of 3.5 to the springs a guide pin

by guiding the;

– Make sure the verticality of the springs to the support surface and pressure;

– If possible at lower loading (boot fit

way should be increased) Use a longer spring;

– Free length of a minimum of 5% of the pre-installation


– Never exert pressure on the spring to the maximum course;

– Publication of the mold elements in the event of reprocessing

Measure the height and length of installation work, check Always.

Normally after the recycle ratio is increased spring pressure.

– Protect the spring from the corrosive activity;

– Do not exceed 250 ° C operating temperature. 120 ° C while important

a predicate penalty does not occur, each at 40 ° C above this temperature

The average loss of 1% should be taken into account.

– Do not change one spring at a time, instead all

scheduled maintenance at the same time to replace the spring

Use the procedure;

– Do not change the physical properties of the springs (cut, inward

and / or outward bending). If you do not comply with the above conditions

mininum life values ​​in a short time will be reduced.

The minimum value of life shown when properly used

well above the performance level is reached. Mould spring


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